2020 Annual Review

“Taking a track without thinking really hard about where it’s going.”


What Didn’t Work

“But if we learn a lesson from jugglers, we realize that the hard part isn’t catching, it’s throwing”

“Learn to throw, to initiate, to do with care and you’ll need to spend far less time worrying about catching in the first place.”

-Throwing and Catching

One step towards the goal pushes your goalpost two steps ahead.

Eat your carrots before you get your cookies.

By reading this sentence, you are choosing not to read something else. Everything we do is like this.

What Worked

“If you are an investor in a company, doing ultra boring things like reading the footnotes of a financial statement (where the real information is to be found) becomes, well, almost not boring.”

I have no idea what business to build.

You don’t need an idea to build a business — you need an audience.

You have a direct relationship with your users with zero marginal cost for serving them. There is abundant supply because of its digital nature.

What I Plan

Closing Note

Be useful.



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