Credentials least of all teach people about the power of incentives:

Graduating from a university means that you spent X amounts of money––to solve Y number of problems––for 1 credential. We usually go to school to prove that:

These are questions I came across from a cool guy seeking answers through polls. I thought his questions deserved an explanation:

“Do you feel the need to have an opinion about everything?”

Knowledge is a bunch of opinions improving over time. Opinions are present on anything you know and don’t…

There’s a mistake I’m trying to avoid:

“Taking a track without thinking really hard about where it’s going.”

This annual review is to help me think really hard on:

Here’s a 30-second timeline on how my 2020 went:

I’ve been reading about Charlie Munger a lot lately. I see why he’s a 96-year old man worth billions. My main man has a simple approach:

“Take a simple idea and take it seriously.”

So I’ll give it a try on the topic of time-wasting:

After avoiding social media (other…

When you win, it’s skill but what happens when you lose? You got unlucky.

It’s a daily battle amateur traders go through.

The hard truth is:

My main man Warren Buffett has a theory called…

Details like weight, roughness, and size are familiar by those who’ve played.

The sense is unfamiliar to those who haven’t.

You might’ve held a cricket ball once and think you know the feeling;

but you don’t.

The reason being:

You haven’t held it as something once feared.

Cricket players have.

Rushil’s 2 Cents

The following blogs are a series of bite sized, practical ideas and stories from an author who has no qualification.

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