Polls Of Opinions On Having Opinions

Rushil’s 2 Cents
2 min readJun 20, 2021

These are questions I came across from a cool guy seeking answers through polls. I thought his questions deserved an explanation:

“Do you feel the need to have an opinion about everything?”

Knowledge is a bunch of opinions improving over time. Opinions are present on anything you know and don’t know. Not having opinions–are in and of itself–an opinion.

So yes, I feel the need to have an opinion about everything.

“Should we have an opinion about anything?”

Yes we should. Freedom of speech and whatnot is a cliche argument, but it applies and it’s true.

“Should we publicize our opinions?”

We can if it’s an opinion we want to be publicized. If not, we don’t have to. After all, that’s our opinion. Next.

“If yes to publicizing, do you feel your opinion makes a difference to the thing you’re speaking on?”

A wise guy once said, “knowledge is a bunch of opinions improving over time”. We can’t know anything unless it’s shared by someone. Merely posting an old Lebron commercial on YouTube makes all the difference to someone seeing it for the first time.

What you’re speaking on isn’t relevant. Neither is the size of your audience. It’s the collective sharing of people’s knowledge and the receiving end that counts.

“Should you publicize your opinion with minimal research, education, and initial thoughts? Or should you do the research, education, readings, and then publicize your opinion.”

This blog post is my initial thought publicized without research. If we can publicize our opinion whenever we want, we don’t have to research anything. We should be able to speak our mind like having a regular conversation. Even if it’s coming from stupid people like me :)

Research and education are boring anyway.

My final opinion:

If you do an Instagram poll seeking opinions from your followers––you’ve proven the above arguments to be true. Simple yes/no answers to your questions are:

  • People giving their opinion about something
  • Those who said yes, no, didn’t answer, or even see your poll have: publicized their opinion to you
  • People’s responses to your polls made a difference to you (why else post a poll?)
  • These are opinions from people giving their initial thoughts (the max length of an Instagram poll is 15 seconds)

I encourage everyone to share their opinions no matter how stupid you are :)

This was just a friendly exercise to publicize my opinion since I answered “yes” to every question.



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