The Creator Economy: Today Vs. 2025

^Work done for its own sake. Check my pals out ;)

Creators Inventing Jobs

Pixar Film reference #1

A Contract To Escape Communism

“No one owned anything. Work hard, don’t work hard — everyone gets the same, so people don’t want to work.”

Pixar Film reference #2

“Rather than farm as a collective, each family would get to farm its own plot of land. If a family grew a lot of food, that family could keep some of the harvest.”

“It was the same land, the same tools and the same people. Yet just by changing the economic rules — by saying, you get to keep some of what you grow — everything changed.”

Crypto + Internet = Web 3.0

“Behind it all is surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, that when we grasp it — in a decade, century, or millennium — we will all say to each other, how could it have been otherwise” — John A. Wheeler

“Prior to 2009, you could send any information you want to anybody, anywhere in the world, instantly…except the most important information of all: value. Now we are all caught up.” — allen farrington

“All money is a matter of belief. When the world loses faith, the currency becomes worthless paper” – Adam Smith

DeFi Tokens On Ethereum’s Blockchain
Bored Apes NFT’s
Robux (fungible value used as currency)
Rare collectibles (non-fungible value used in markets)

The Creator Economy In 2025

“It is interesting to me to see blockchains and smart contracts being used to replicate many of the things we use to build applications on the Internet. Slowly but surely a decentralized infrastructure that mirrors the centralized infrastructure is getting built out.” — Fred Wilson

Imagine doing this to watch TikToks…

“If you can compensate each person for their exact contribution, you don’t need to pay everyone the same salary. And if every person gets paid for their contribution, those who are particularly productive or innovative will get paid more than ever. And those who aren’t will no longer have a stable salary” — NFTs and the Future of Work



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