The Internet As Your Resume

“According to Richard Rothstein at The Economic Policy Institute, wages for college-educated workers outside of the inflated finance industry have stagnated or diminished. Unemployment has hit recent graduates especially hard, nearly doubling in the post-2007 recession. The result is that the most indebted generation in history is without the dependable jobs it needs to escape debt.” — Status as a Service (StaaS)

Online Reputation Is Social Capital

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of little fortune, must be in want of more social capital.” –– Taylor Lorenz

“Social capital is, in many ways, a leading indicator of financial capital, and so its nature bears greater scrutiny. Not only is it good investment or business practice, but analyzing social capital dynamics can help to explain all sorts of online behavior that would otherwise seem irrational.” — Status as a Service (StaaS)

The Web 3 Experiment: A Decentralized Internet

“Web3 is a more intelligent version of the internet, built on the principle of decentralization. If you’re not familiar with decentralization, try thinking of it simply as the ability of a group to function without reliance on a central authority. Banks, governments, and businesses are all examples of centralized entities. At the core of decentralization is a push toward individual freedom. Not freedom to, but freedom from. The distinction is important.” ––NFTs Are Worth Understanding

“This means that data cannot be corrupted or modified by faulty service providers or malicious parties. Permanent storage means that you don’t need to rely on [internet platforms] to ensure the longevity or integrity of your content. Most importantly, cryptographically secure and permanent data ensures users can credibly exit a platform if it no longer serves their needs or becomes misaligned.” — Publishing on Mirror is Now Open to All

Onchain = Internet Resumes

“When we hired our last intern, I asked him to send me his wallet address in advance of the interview. By reviewing what he had done on-chain, I knew that we were probably going to hire him before the interview even started.” — The Future of Work

Public Key (username): 
Private Key (password):
Ethereum’s on-chain data
s/o @traf
s/o to geek and poke

“RabbitHole is on a mission to be the University of the Metaverse. This mission includes onboarding new people into crypto, teaching them how to be crypto-native, credentialing crypto users for their on-chain tasks”

Earning Crypto Credentials

I am not saying NFTs are the next big thing. I am saying that consumer experiences built on a crypto stack are the next big thing. I am saying that NFT experiences are showing the way. They are the left tackle that you can run behind into the opening. Where enormous opportunity exists. — Fred Wilson

s/o to Visualize Value
s/o to Visualize Value
noun NFT’s can probably range over 140 eth ($500,000)…each
punks are probably worth more

Closing Thoughts

“The functionality for crypto is still too early, inconvenient, and difficult to use — just like the internet once was. As progress is made, we’ll have no choice but to adapt. So it wouldn’t hurt to start learning about it now.”––The Creator Economy: Today Vs. 2025



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