Wasting Time.

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1 min readOct 12, 2020


I’ve been reading about Charlie Munger a lot lately. I see why he’s a 96-year old man worth billions. My main man has a simple approach:

“Take a simple idea and take it seriously.”

So I’ll give it a try on the topic of time-wasting:

After avoiding social media (other than Twitter) I no longer get dopamine snacks. Now I get dopamine meals through conversations, movies, or reading.

I’m trying to avoid wasting my time. It’s hard. We think being productive is the opposite of time-wasting. It’s not.

You waste time by spending it on things you don’t want to do.

If you want to do it, time is spent. Not wasted. Your hours may not be well-spent, but that doesn’t matter unless you regret it after. Feeling regret implies you wanted to do something else. Which means you wasted time.

The idea sounds simple but it’s hard to do because we’re sometimes trapped into doing things we don’t want.

For example, I consider working on my stats quiz a waste of my time. It takes too long and I’d rather not do it. But I’m forced to or I fail. Watching Schindler’s List at 3 a.m is time well spent. There were no regrets.

It’s counterintuitive but it makes more sense to be spending time doing what you want, rather than prioritizing productivity.

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