When Artificial Intelligence Is Ready

Rushil’s 2 Cents
1 min readJun 15, 2020

The Turing test is based on this. A test where a human and machine interact by going on a date.

If the machine passes as human to its conversational counterpart, it counts as being ‘intelligent’.

AI is in it’s earlier stages but it’s growing quick. Automation is so close that it’s ready to strip away the Accounting degree you worked so hard to get. A micro-level example to test the readiness of AI is through the different “laugh out louds”.

When sending your friend a generic response because you have nothing left to say, you’d most likely use:




Notice how all 3 phrases have a different cadence?

Most humans attribute a different ‘lol’ sound despite sharing the same letters in that exact same order.

The application of AI will fully be ready when it’s capable of understanding nuances such as above.

‘Lol’ is just one of many examples.

A computer may not be an expert in the linguistic of internet slang but it can easily be accomplished with the help of Machine Learning:

Just feed a ML model with datasets of your DMs to an algorithm that determines which lol is which. (easier said than done).

With enough data, it’d be easy for the model to train itself to know the difference. At the end of the day, it’s still a human feeding the data to the machine.

AI will be ready when it finds the difference between Lol, lol, and LOL all by itself.



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